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Providing education, creating awareness, and giving you the support & guidance needed to achieve your health & nutrition goals.

What is MPower Nutrition Coaching?

My name is Meredith Paci. My health & fitness journey started at a very young age, coming full circle for me in the last few years. Every experience shaping whom I am & who I am becoming. My life, without a doubt, has changed for the better through training & nutrition. I could no longer ignore what my heart was meant to do so I set my sights on empowering others to reach for more out of their lives. I teach people to be well both mentally & physically as one can not exist with out the other.
I want to help you reach your goals!
I take a holistic systemic approach to overall body wellness (mind & body) & use a macro-based system to create awareness around food, with levels that we will dig through and build upon.
My intention is to give you the tools to be successful with or without me, I want your results to last. I want you to feel awesome, have strength, endurance, have vitality for daily life, excel in sport…
Where would you like to see yourself a year from now?


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